Wooden Cambridgeshire Gates

In Wooden Gates by jameskelly

Our team of engineers installed the Wooden Cambridgeshire Gates to our clients premises in Shelton, Cambridgeshire. The client originally had a pair of wooden gates that didn’t fit the entrance. We installed a pair of new Oak square posts slightly further back from the road and hung the new gates from these posts. Our client requested the Wooden Cambridgeshire Gates be constructed from Iroko. This is a west African sourced hardwood with similar characteristics to Oak although in our experience Iroko tends to be much more stable.

The Wooden Cambridgeshire Gates were stained with Osmo clear oil to further enhance the appearance. We created a static fence panel on one side of the entrance and a matching pedestrian gate on the other side. A simple latch arrangement was installed to allow easy access for pedestrians.

The Iroko gate was fitted using our bespoke hinges. A unique product to H.B. Paynter Gates Ltd that were designed in house to our specifications. The fully adjustable hinges eliminate closing hinge gaps, preventing possible harm to individuals. The pivot point at the top of the gate makes installation a more streamlined process.

Our Project Director specified Beninca underground automation for the installation. The engineers ensured the motors were correctly installed with all relevant safety equipment. Front and rear infrared photocells were installed to prevent the gates from closing onto vehicles. The inherent built in obstacle detection system was configured and tested to ensure the gates operate with the correct amount of force.

The client requested a GSM intercom system to allow access into the premises. We opted for a Telguard Optimus GSM intercom with built in keypad. The Intercom acts as a mobile telephone. When the call button is pressed a call is made to the telephone number of our clients choosing. They are then able to instigate a call with the visitor before granting them entry via their telephone keypad.