Stevenage Wooden Gate

In Wooden Gates by jameskelly

Our client asked for us to supply & install a sliding wooden gate to their premises in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The Stevenage Wooden Gate was constructed from softwood and painted to give a rich warm colour. The softwood gate was constructed in Britain using hand crafted traditional methods. The Stevenage Wooden Gate was finished to the same high standard as expected with all of our automatic gate installations.

Our first task was to lay the foundations for the ground track. We excavated a narrow trench across the threshold and firmly installed the track across the threshold using a mixture of vertical support posts and concrete. The track was laid using a digital theodolite to ensure the levels were absolutely perfect across the threshold.

We relaid the block sets as carefully as possible to provide a neat threshold. The Stevenage Wooden Gate required a support post and 2 photocell posts. The guide rail keeps the gate upright during the opening and closing movements.

Our team of engineers installed Beninca Gate Automation equipment to power the Sliding Gate. Our Project Director calculated the size and weight of the gate before choosing the correct gate automation. We chose the Beninca Bull 424 24v Sliding motor. All relevant safety equipment including infrared beams and resistive sensitive edges were installed. The Stevenage Wooden Gate was force tested to ensure it complies with current safety guidelines.

The client requested a GSM intercom system to allow access into the premises. We opted for a Telguard Optimus GSM intercom with built in keypad. The Intercom acts as a mobile telephone. When the call button is pressed a call is made to the telephone number of our clients choosing. They are then able to instigate a call with the visitor before granting them entry via their telephone keypad.

Hand held remote controls were installed to allow convenient operation of the Stevenage Wooden Gates.