Recently Installed Automatic Gates in Cambridge

Recently Installed Automatic Gates in Cambridge

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Our team of engineers recently installed automatic gates in Cambridge. Our client had a pair of existing automatic wooden field gates that had been installed for some time. The gate automation had been made up of a number of manufacture’s products as the previous installer had a collection of spares from various installations. Whilst the system worked initially, this isn’t an ideal set up for a reliable gate automation system. In addition to a mix & match automation system, the existing wooden gates had gaps between each horizontal bar that were big enough for the family dogs to squeeze between.

We removed the old gates and decommissioned the gate automation. The new wooden gates were of a closed boarded design with an open barred section at the top of the gates. The existing gate posts were re-used as they were structurally sound. We carried out all relevant ground works including the installation of new ducts across the drive and new cables throughout. We installed Beninca DU350 NVE gate automation equipment. The system from Beninca UK comes in kit format and is supplied with 2 heavy duty foundation boxes, two mains powered motors with encoders, a 230v control board, one pair of infrared photocells and 2 hand held remote controls.

Due to the gradient of the drive, we had to carry out a fair amount of groundwork to get the gates as low as possible. The maximum distance allowed from the drive surface to the bottom of the gates was 120mm. We managed to reduce this to 90mm through careful planning and landscaping. This combined with the new 3/4 closed boarded design of the gates meant that our client was safe in the knowledge that her dogs wouldn’t be able to run out of the premises onto the nearby road.

The recently installed automatic gates in Cambridge were controlled via an existing GSM intercom system, exit keypad, exit vehicle induction loop and hand held radio transmitters. One of the main elements that sets H.B. Paynter Gates apart from other ‘gate installers’ is the fact that we can utilise our skills over other disciplines. Our client had a large capacity parcel box that required repairing. The hinges for the lid had failed and subsequently went missing. We fabricated some new hinges to the lid allowing our client to easily open and close the parcel box.