Electric Wooden Gates near Olney

Electric Wooden Gates near Olney

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Our team of highly skilled fitters recently installed a pair of bespoke Electric Wooden Gates near Olney. Our client had seen this design of gate at another of our automatic gate installations. The design suits the style of building and the surrounding stone walls. The sturdy construction of the Iroko hardwood gates oozes craftsmanship from skilled joiners. The gates were treated with Sikkens stain and preservative to give UV protection. To keep the rich appearance of the wood, we recommend treating the gates within 6 months of first being installed. Annual treatment thereafter should be sufficient (although with wood being a natural product the finish may vary depending on environmental factors). The open barred nature of the gates creates an open feeling to the entrance whilst also providing the security our client was after.

The wooden gates were installed using our bespoke laser cut hinges. Our unique hinge arrangement result in a much cleaner and neater installation. In addition to this, they also eliminate one of the main danger points of electric gates. Due to the way the hinges are designed and installed, we ensured their were no finger traps at the hinge end of the gates saving our customers from having to spend money on additional safety equipment.

We installed a Nice underground automation equipment consisting of a pair of BM5024 underground motors, the MC824H control board and front and rear MOFB photocells. The 24v system comes with inherent built in obstacle detection features. The automation system was set up and tested to ensure it complies with current DHF guidelines.

Access through the electric wooden gates near Olney is controlled via hand held remote controls. No other access control features were required at the point of completion. Additional features such as keypads and intercoms can be added on and programmed at a later date.