Electric Sliding Gate

Electric Sliding Gate on Abbey Road

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We commissioned an automated electric sliding gate to our clients premises on the famous Abbey Road.

Not only did our client wish to have an automated gate; they also asked for 3 matching pedestrian gates and complimentary fence panels to adorn the newly constructed brick walls.

A cantilever style sliding gate is the best type of gate in this instance. A cantilever gate suspends the gate across the threshold of the property. This is a great solution should your driveway be uneven.

Gate Automation

Due to the locality of the gate, our client asked for the system to open as quickly as possible. We opted for the Nice HighSpeed Robus electric sliding gate motor as this allows the gate to open at a much quicker rate. The 24v system utilises the excellent built in obstacle detection feature, this ensures the gates are safe and compliant. In addition to this, we also installed 3 pairs of infrared photocell beams to prevent the gates from opening or closing onto vehicles stationed in the travel of the gate.

Access through the electric sliding gate is controlled via multiple items including a BPT intercom system, keypads and remote controls.

Complimentary Pedestrian Gates & Panels

The three matching pedestrian gates were fitted in accordance to our clients wishes. The first gate allows trusted persons to gain entry into the premises from the road, this is controlled via the intercom system. The other two pedestrian gates are located either side of the property to secure the rear of the building. These are both secured via manually operated heavy duty code locks and key arrangements.

To complete the installation we carefully installed bespoke fence panels that sat on top of the brick wall. The panels were installed so that when viewed from the road, the whole installation appears completely level from one side to the other.

The result is a truly outstanding installation which showcases the talents the high quality work we aim to achieve at H.B. Paynter Gates Ltd.