Corby Automatic Gates

Corby Automatic Gates

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We were approached by one of our existing clients to assist in the installation of Corby Automatic Gates to one of the new properties on the Priors Hall Estate development.

The wooden gates had been built by a third party and came in 3 seperate pieces. We were asked to convert the gates into a single sliding entrance. Our skilled engineers joined the 3 Wooden Gates with threaded bar and decorative dome headed nuts. Heavy duty fully galvanised angle iron was secured along the bottom and back of the gate. The wheels were countersunk into the underside of the gates. This results in an extremely neat installation.

The ground track was installed with the utmost care and attention. Our installation team carefully lifted the existing block paving across the drive and installed the track at the relevant height. The block paving was put back in place and trimmed accordingly. The ground track sits in a very neat channel allowing enough room for debris falling into the track to not cause any issues.

We installed a total of 4 wooden posts. 2 larger posts were installed just within the stone walls. 2 slightly smaller posts were installed within the premises. The post nearest the motor has the roller wheels attachments that keeps the gate upright during the opening and closing manoeuvres. The posts were firmly concreted into the ground to the required depths.

A Beninca Bull 624 Sliding motor was installed by our experts. The motor is more than capable of operating the gate smoothly and reliably. The inclusion of nylon toothed racking results in extremely quite manoeuvres. All relevant safety equipment has been installed, including built in obstacle detection, photocells and pressure sensitive resisitve edges.

Our client opted for remote controls and pedestrian push buttons to operate the Corby Automatic Gates. Additional access control features can be installed at a later date.