Cambridge Wooden Gates

Cambridge Wooden Gates

In Wooden Gates by jameskelly

We were asked to supply and install a pair of Cambridge Wooden Gates to our clients premises in Pertenhall, Cambridgeshire. Our client had seen the chosen design of gate on the internet and asked us to replicate them to fit their bespoke entrance. We produced accurate CAD drawings and liaised with the client several times to ensure they were happy with the proportions before passing the drawings on to a skilled joiner. The Cambridge Wooden Gates were constructed from hardwood using traditional techniques. The steel work was fully galvanised and painted black as per the clients request. The gates were installed with fully adjustable hinges to allow for settlement and movement of the gates and piers. A centre stop was installed to give a firm closed position.

Our client wished to have a discrete gate automation system so opted for a 24v underground system from Nice UK. We installed a pair of the Big Metro 24v underground motors controlled by a Nice MC824H control board. Front and rear MOFB photocells were installed. The Nice 24v system includes inherent built in obstacle detection. Should an object by caught in the travel of the gates, the Cambridge Wooden Gates will detect the object and reverse travel.

To provide additional security, we supplied and installed an electric deadbolt to the centre of the gates. When the gates are given a command to open, the electric deadbolt releases before the gates begin to move. When the gates reach fully closed, the electric deadbolt fires back into the latch to ensure the gates cannot be forced open by hand.

Access through the Cambridge Wooden Gates is done so via a multi-button GSM intercom system and timed exit induction loop. Each button on The Videx GSM intercom system is programmed to dial through to a primary and secondary number. Once the end user has identified the person at the gateway they can open the gates with a press of a button on their telephone handset. A digital keypad is also housed within the intercom system allowing coded control of the gates such trusted users not have a remote control to hand. The other benefit of the GSM systems is that telephone numbers can be programmed into the unit to allow users to call the gates from their landline or mobile telephone which then triggers the gate to open.

The timed exit induction loop provides free exit for vehicles. When a vehicle passes over the loop the gates are given a command to open. The loop was neatly buried beneath the drive surface resulting in a discrete installation.

The final request from the client was to wire up a series of bollard lights running down the driveway so that when the Cambridge Wooden Gates are commanded to open the lights automatically switch on illuminating the way for trusted users and guests.