Automated Wooden Gates

Automated Wooden Gates in Northamptonshire

In Wooden Gates by jameskelly

This installation really stands out as a demonstration of how beautiful a set of automated wooden gates can be. The ‘Coppice’ design has proved to be our most popular timber gate and seen here, constructed in Iroko hard-wood with a light Oak stain, you can see why. Every set of automated wooden gates we produce are designed specifically for the customer to ensure that the fit is great and the proportions are correct. The high quality timber is used to construct the gates to exacting standards by fine joiners to give a set of gates that not only look beautiful but hold true in all weather conditions.

When installing automated wooden gates of this type, underground is the most aesthetically pleasing automation to use. It sits discreetly underneath and doesn’t detract from the elegant lines of the gates. Being relatively light and intended for light residential use we specified a 24v automation system from Beninca.

The 24v systems offer the best level of safety in a home environment with the obstacle detection being sensitive to anything in the gates path. Re-assuring if you have children around. Like every system we install, both front and rear infrared safety photocells are included to ensure your car is safe from accidental collision. Additional sensitive edges were installed down the hinge gaps to provide extra protection.