Automatic Iron Gates in Renhold, Bedfordshire

Automatic Iron Gates in Renhold, Bedfordshire

In Steel Gates by jameskelly

Our client requested a traditional ornate mild steel design for their automatic iron gates and matching railings. The design of these driveway gates gives the appearance of traditional iron gates. We designed all of the metalwork to fit perfectly with their existing brick piers and walls to give a subtle but elegant appearance to the front of the property.

When installing automatic iron gates of this type, underground automation is the most aesthetically pleasing type to use. It sits discreetly underneath and doesn’t detract from the elegant lines of the gates. Being relatively light and intended for occasional residential use we specified a 24v gate automation system from Beninca. The 24v systems offer the best level of safety in a home environment with the obstacle detection being sensitive to anything in the gates path. Re-assuring if you have children around.

The manual side-gate removed any need for an intercom, so the core of the installation was the metal-work and automation. Like every system we install, both front and rear infrared safety photocells are included to ensure your car is safe from accidental collision.

The automatic iron gates and railings were galvanised and then painted in a semi-gloss black to enhance the traditional look of the gates whilst also increasing the life of the steel.