Automatic Gate Service

Automatic Gate Service in Northwood

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We recently carried out an automatic gate service to a set of our electric gates in Northwood, Hertfordshire. The decorative Brookmans steel gates were installed just over a year ago. As with all of our new automated gate installations, we contact our customers a year after the installation asking if they wish for us to carry out an annual service.

Service overview

An automatic gate service consists of firstly giving a visual inspection over the whole installation. We will then check for moisture and insect ingress in all of the electrical components. Once this has been done we will check the motors for signs of wear and tear and make adjustments where necessary. As with any moving part components will wear. This will introduce some elements of ‘slop’ into the mechanism. We will tighten up components where possible and re-grease all hinges. We will check and test the manual release mechanisms along with any other components/cabinets that require key access.

Safety Checks

Once we are happy with the movement of the driveway gates we will test all of the safety devices. Firstly we will check to make sure the infrared photocell beams respond to being broken. In this instance we will pass a solid object through each of the beams. Next we will test any sensitive edges that may be fitted. We test these by pressing against the edge during the opening and closing maneuvers of the gates. The final part of the electric gate service is to take force readings of the gates using specialist equipment across various points of the gates. We will make any necessary adjustments to the automation system to ensure the gates comply with the current DHF guidelines.

As with any new item you purchase you may have decided that you could benefit from further access control devices such as remote controls, keypads or intercoms. Our service engineers are happy to discuss any new requirements you may have. We can offer advice there and then or at the very least arrange for a call back at a time that suits you.