Northwood Metal Gates

Northwood Metal Gates

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Our client requested we supply a pair of ornate Northwood metal gates with an ‘up-arch’ design. The automatic metal gates span an approximate gap of 3515mm reaching a maximum height of 1960mm. The metal gates were hung from 150mm x 150mm box section posts with 150mm diameter decorative balls. Northwood Metal Gates from H.B. Paynter Gates Ltd. were fabricated in box section mild steel to provide a lighter yet strong structure. The frames are heavily galvanised to ensure that you are free from any structural corrosion for many years to come. We primed and painted the automatic gates in black to give a traditional wrought iron appearance. The gates were installed with fully adjustable hinges to allow for any settlement or movement of the gates or posts in the future and a centre stop was installed to give a firm closed position. In addition to the gates and posts,our client requested approximately 9’ of railings spanning from existing brick piers to the new gate posts. The railings were heavily galvanised and painted black to match the gates and posts.

We supplied and installed a 24v surface mounted gate automation system from Nice UK comprising of two 24v electromechanical operators, one 24v control board, two infrared safety photocell beams and two radio transmitter key fobs. When broken, the infrared safety photocell beams prevent the gates from opening or closing onto a vehicle. All of our systems incorporate a simple key manual override to allow access should you have prolonged power cuts.

We also supplied & installed a Logisty Wireless Intercom system and exit induction loop:

Improved technology allows us to dispense with conventional hard-wired intercom systems and the associated cost and inconvenience of cable routing. A high percentage of our intercom installations are wireless providing a cost–effective and flexible solution to access control.  Each system comprises of a slim surface mounted brushed stainless steel call station, a simple cordless white receiver telephone and a power supply unit.  The call station houses a call button that activates the receiver unit alerting you to a visitor’s presence.  You can then instigate a two-way conversation between the receiver unit and gateway and with the push of a button open the northwood metal gates.  The call station also houses a keypad to allow coded control over the gates should you or a trusted visitor not have a radio transmitter to hand.  In addition to reduced installation costs, you will also benefit from being able to answer calls from the gate on the move around the house and garden.

An induction loop provides a means of free exit for vehicles by detecting changes in a magnetic field caused by large metal objects.  A vehicle approaching the northwood metal gates is detected and the gate is commanded to open.  This function is fitted with a daily programmable timer to disable the auto exit at night or any time when security is needed.  The installation involved cutting a slot in the drive surface and laying a loop of cable.  We re-finished the drive neatly resulting in a discreet installation.