Automatic Wrought Iron Gates

Automatic Wrought Iron Gates

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Our client requested we remove their existing gates and posts and install a pair of automatic wrought iron gates that would be suitable for gate automation and complimentary to the property. We also installed a matching pedestrian gate hung from 100mm steel posts fitted into the returns of the brick piers. The pedestrian gate included a key lockable mortice latch and handle. Our automatic wrought iron gates are fabricated in box section mild steel to provide a lighter yet strong structure. The frames are heavily galvanised to ensure that you are free from any structural corrosion for many years to come. We primed and finished the gates in a semi-gloss black to give a traditional wrought iron appearance. The automatic gates were installed with fully adjustable hinges to allow for any settlement or movement of the gates or piers/posts in the future and a centre stop was installed to give a firm closed position.

We supplied and installed an underground gate automation system from Beninca UK comprising of two steel foundation boxes, two underground motors, one control board, two infrared safety photocell beams, one radio receiver and two radio transmitter key fobs. When broken, the infrared safety photocell beams prevent the gates from closing onto a vehicle. This combined with additional safety features such as obstacle detection or sensitive edges to automatically reverse gate travel when an object is contacted ensures that the gates are safe and comply with the appropriate EU and British standards. All of our systems incorporate a simple lever manual override to allow access should you have prolonged power cuts.

Access control through the automatic wrought iron gates is done so via a GSM intercom system from Videx, an exit vehicle induction loop and exit keypad:

The ultimate solution for all audio intercom systems uses GSM technology to route visitors to any telephone of your choice, anywhere in the world. The outstation is effectively a mobile telephone and can be pre-programmed with a telephone number to dial. If there is no answer, the unit automatically tries a second number. This system requires no wiring to the premises and allows you to open the automatic wrought iron gates from your house, office, the corner of a field, or whilst on holiday. There are no limits!

In conjunction with the keypad on the intercom, we installed a standalone digital keypad as a means for regular trusted visitors and tradesmen to enter and leave a site. It allows control of the gates with the use of a four-digit code when a radio transmitter is not to hand.

An induction loop provides a means of free exit for vehicles by detecting changes in a magnetic field caused by large metallic objects. A vehicle approaching the automatic wrought iron gates is detected and the gate is commanded to open. The installation involves laying a loop of cable beneath the finished drive surface and back to the control panel for the gate automation. We re-finished the drive neatly resulting in a discreet installation. A timer was installed to disabled the loop at night.