Automatic Industrial Gates

Automatic Industrial Gates Installed in Bedford

In Industrial Gates by jameskelly

We were commissioned by our client to convert there existing Automatic Swing Gates to a pair of Sliding automatic industrial gates. The swing gates had become unreliable in the strong winds due to the sheer size and weight of them. By converting their automatic industrial gates into a pair of sliding gates they are no longer susceptible to the wind and provide an even more secure entrance to the premises.

In this instance we opted to install two 24v sliding motors with built in obstacle detection from Nice UK, 4 infrared safety beams and 6 safety sensitive edges. When broken, the infrared safety photocell beams prevent the gates from opening or closing onto a vehicle. This combined with obstacle detection and sensitive edges to automatically reverse gate travel when an object is contacted ensures that the gates are safe and comply with the appropriate EU and British standards. All of our systems incorporate a simple key manual override to allow access should you have prolonged power cuts.