Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

In Gate Service & Repairs by jameskelly

Winter is Coming! And with it the potential for unreliable automatic gates. Whilst the weather in Britain is normally wet and windy, every so often the occasional harsh winter can be all it takes to upset your driveway gates.

It’s important to ensure you maintain your electric gates over winter to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear. While no one can guarantee that a gate operator will continue working whatever the weather, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help reduce any potential issues.

  1. We recommend having a gate service once a year. This is normally fine for most single dwelling premises. For multi-occupancy sites  such as flats, commercial premises and schools we suggest having your gates serviced twice a year.
  2. If you experience an issue, the first thing we suggest is a visual check. Depending on the extremity of the weather, snow can easily build up and freeze resulting in a potential obstruction during the opening and closing sweep of the gate/s.
  3. Make sure photocells are clear of snow and frost – if they are blocked they will prevent your gate from closing. Wipe with a warm, moist (not wet) cloth. Use water only (do not spray with oil for example).
  4. If the gates fail to open fully, bear with them. They may need a couple of attempts to free up any components that may have temporarily frozen.
  5. Check the gate and drive gear/link levers/drive rack for any signs of wear and tear or alignment issues.
  6. Keep the gate hinges properly greased to prevent the hinge from freezing and thus reducing friction. (do not do this in wet weather).
  7. Check that there is suitable drainage so the gate isn’t exposed to too much rain, snow or ice. Check the underground boxes are free from debris and drain into the land. Trapped water will freeze and prevent the motor/levers from moving.
  8. Check the manual release mechanisms to make sure they are not frozen.
  9. If it has been snowing, make sure you remove the snow daily from around the gates so movement isn’t restricted. Or keep your gates locked in the ‘open’ position if snow is forecast.

If you are still having issues with your gates during the cold weather then feel free to contact us by clicking here.