Automatic Gates in Newmarket

Automatic Gates in Newmarket

In Gate Automation by jameskelly

We were contacted by our client to investigate an issue with their existing Automatic Gates in Newmarket. Upon inspection we concluded that the existing underground automation system was beyond repair. The foundation boxes had been installed below ground level resulting in them being filled with debris causing the automation to seize up over time.

We removed the existing motors, foundation boxes and control panel and replaced it with a new Beninca DU350NVE underground gate automation system. We installed the new foundation boxes towards the back edge of the stone piers to remove any closing hinge gaps. We also raised the foundation boxes to prevent debris from being washed into the boxes. We neatly finished round the new motors with granite setts.

We cut the spine out of each gate and welded in a new length of box section steel with wrap around hinges. We installed new fully adjustable hinge plates to the stone piers. The integral adjuster allows us to pitch the gates should they require adjusting over time. With the new hinges and motor position the steel gates were also able to open further giving the client more room to maneuver through the automatic gates in Newmarket. All new steel work was galvanised and painted to match the existing colour of the gates.

We utilised the existing vehicle induction loop. An induction loop consists of several turns of cable buried beneath the finished ground surface. The loop creates a magnetic field which is detected by large metallic objects such as a vehicle. Once the vehicle is detected, a command is sent to the gate automation control board to give an open command.

In addition to the vehicle induction loop, we supplied new hand held remote controls. We tested the gates thoroughly and configured them so that they fall in line with current DHF guidelines.