Bedfordshire Aluminium Gates

Bedfordshire Aluminium Gates

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We were commissioned by our client to supply and install Bedfordshire Aluminium Gates to a multi-residency site in Luton, Bedfordshire. The gates were designed by the clients architect and finished with a wood effect to give the appearance of wooden gates, but with the minimum maintenance requirements of an aluminium gate. A matching pedestrian gate was also installed adjacent to the vehicle gates.

The automatic Bedfordshire Alumunium gates were installed with Beninca DU350NVE underground motors. The DU350 range of motors are a mains powered motor but with the added safety of inherent built in obstacle detection. The gates were hung towards the back edge of the brick piers with our bespoke built in wrap around hinges to remove any closing hinge gaps. Additional ASO 8.2 Ohm safety edges were installed to ensure all potential hazards were protected.

The Bedfordshire Aluminium Gates were installed with a multi-button BPT intercom system. The unit calls 12 individual properties whereby the residents can engage in conversation with the visitor before granting them access either through the automated aluminum vehicle gates, or by releasing the magnetic lock from the manual aluminium pedestrian gate. The intercom also had a trades button programmed to release the magnetic lock during certain times of the day. An exit push button was installed to allow residents the ability to freely open the pedestrian gate should a radio transmitter not be to hand. Finally the intercom system also housed a keypad to allow coded access to trusted users.

Entry and exit vehicle induction loops were installed to allow vehicles to simply drive up to the gates for them to open. The entry loop was installed with a timer to make the premises secure for only trusted persons during certain times. The vehicle induction loops were installed prior to the final driveway surface being laid in order to create a discrete installation.